White Sands Oceanfront Resort - Spa (New Jersey)

If you want to have a luxurious vacation you should search for a resort that has access to a golf course. The White Sands Oceanfront Resort & Spa is one of the places you can check out. Furthermore, these are only five reasons to go to White Sands Oceanfront Resort & Spa (New Jersey).

White Sands Oceanfront Resort

To become younger
The spa is the place most people go to when they want to relax or feel rejuvenated. The spa at the White Sands Oceanfront Resort provides various services including spa manicures and pedicures. Additionally, if you want to get tanned with as little sun exposure as possible, then you need to come to this spa.

To play some golf
While the golf course doesn’t belong to the resort itself, you don’t have to go very far to enjoy this elegant sport. You have 4 golf courses to choose from. Two of them have 18 holes, and a 3rd one 27 holes, that it open year round.

More choices when it comes to swimming
If you like to spend time in water, you’ll probably have a hard time choosing between the ocean, indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor pool receives plenty of natural light and has cozy couches to sit on when you want to get some rest.

Visiting a museum is easy
The Ocean County Historical Museum is one of the local attraction for those who want to learn more about history. Further history can be experienced at the Revolutionary battle site found in the Huddy Park. You should probably call beforehand to make sure it is open.

Visit the Allaire Village
This village was established in the early 19th century. Currently it is an outdoor museum where you can witness various events related to Howell Works. To visit you must call in advance: otherwise the place might not be operating.