West Beach Resort

Five reasons to go to West Beach Resort (Eastsound, Washington)

  • By Sarah A
  • Resorts
  • 01.08.2016

Here is the place where you can discover five reasons to go to West Beach Resort in case you have no idea of where to spend your next vacation.

You can go camping
There are few resorts out there that allow camping on their grounds as well. If you like camping, you can come here with your RV vehicle or choose to stay in tent cabins or cabins. All camping sites have a fire pit and are recommended for up to 6 people. You can set up a tent of your own if you come with your RV.

Bring your well behaved pet along
Vacations and holidays are not just for grownups, but for the family, pets included. Not everyone likes pets and some people are scared of dogs, so dogs with a bad behaviour or untrained are not welcomed. You should probably inform the resort’ staff about your intention of bringing your pet as well.

Bring the kids as well
Families usually imply children before the pets. There are many activities for the little ones to enjoy, but mostly in summer. The most popular ones are face painting and the crafting sessions, but there are many other ways of enjoying summer.  All the activities are supervised by well trained personnel.

Plenty of ways to relax by the water
Water has long been associated with relaxation. Fishing, whale watching, swimming or sunbathing are just some of the ways one can use the water to unwind.

Go to a pottery shop

The are around this resort has several pottery shops and as their description implies, most of the objects on sale are made in the shop. You can even participate in a workshop and get an item you designed yourself. If you want to offer a unique gift, there is no other better place to go to.