Traveling On A Student Budget

Traveling On A Student Budget - 10 Tips On How To Pay Less - Part 2

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

Tip 6: Travel with fellow students. On many occasions several students may want to travel to the same destination. This can be a good way of saving money due to the fact that if several of you book together as a group you can, in many cases, get a fairly large discount. Posting a couple of flyers or posters on the university or college notice board is an effective way of getting together a group of fellow students.

Tip 7: Traveling by car. Some students often rent cars for travel and some may pay too much simply because they like the type of car. By choosing a smaller car there can be great savings had, especially if your traveling alone. If your traveling in a group this can also save money as everyone splits the fuel expenses.

Tip 8: The way you book travel expenses. Sometimes paying for your travel expenses using a credit card can be rewarding and save money. You have to check the fine print on your credit agreement, but more and more often credit card companies give rewards by way of points, or air miles whenever you use the card. Many people forget their points and later find out they have enough for a free small trip.

Tip 9: Try alternatives. Many students are turning to alternative means of travel to save large amounts of money. Many use a vehicle instead of flying, this has huge savings potential depending on the destination. Others will rent a motor bike instead of a car to save more money, while others may decide to ride a bicycle. By using other means of transport you will be surprised at the type of accommodation you can afford to stay in once you get to your destination.

Tip 10: Use a combination of money saving tips. The travel savvy student will often use multiple ways to save money. Getting a last minute deal using a group of students while paying with a student credit card with rewards can save such a large amount you can often get another trip sooner than you thought possible. Using a group of student friends to search online can often result in multiple savings for everyone.

When traveling on a student budget these 10 tips we just discussed on how to pay less should have given you some ideas on how to save quite a bit of money. With a little planning, and maybe a few friends, you should be able to come up with a plan that will save you enough to benefit in other ways.