The Flanders Hotel (New Jersey)

The location of The Flanders Hotel makes it easy for its guests to reach various points of attraction in the area. Below you can read more about the main five reasons to go to The Flanders Hotel (New Jersey).

The Flanders Hotel

For some high tea
The Flanders celebrates 90 years. To mark this special event the staff reintroduced the serving of High Tea. It is advised to call ahead of time to avoid being disappointed. You can choose the tea you like more and make sure to try out the savories, sweets, and sandwiches prepared as well.

For a banquet
Clearly if a person can organize a banquet here, they can have a wedding as well. You can choose a big ballroom or a smaller and more intimate room for your event, depending on its size. The ceremony can be planned on the beach, and this is the selling point of this service.

To swim
You might be able to swim in the ocean, but why going there when the hotel has its own pool? The water is heated, even though the pool operates only in summer. You’ll have snacks available as well should you get hungry between 2 laps.

To surf
You will have to go to the ocean to surf. There are 3 beaches offering guarded surfing. The other beaches are open for surfing only when the lifeguards are not working. Generally the waves are safe and steady. There are also plenty of specialized shops where you can get all you need for surfing.

To visit a museum
The Ocean City Historical Museum hosts a large collection of maps of the city. Before dropping by for a visit, make a phonecall to ensure you’ll see a collection you like or might be interested in.