St. Augustine

Top 3 Places to See and Top 3 Things to Do In St. Augustine

  • By Mary A
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  • 01.06.2016

Don't miss out on St. Augustine while you're planning a Florida trip. Let this be a venue that you consider, as it offers endless variety as a tourist site, and it's a locale rich with historical significance. It's also the country's senior city. There are all kinds of two-for opportunities in this city, and many are minimally priced. You can partake of indoor and outdoor experiences that put your trip over the top in Saint Augustine.

Things to see

Ripley's Believe it or not Museum

St. Augustine is considered a living museum all on its own. If you like to bask in disbelief and push the envelope a bit, you will enjoy a foray into this museum. Man-made and nature-made wonders abound under the roof of Ripley's. Peaches are turned into attire and a synonym-sourced book is made into a lovely dress. There's even grapes that taste like something else equally tasty. There's so much to pause and consider at this venue – some you will believe, and some not.

Castillo de San Marcos

This Spanish fort still has a working drawbridge and a gun deck. Built largely of lime with coquina (shells) which were quarried from Anastasia Island between 1672 and 1695, this fort has withstood numerous attacks, but has never been forcefully taken. It was a strategic military post for the New World in which it was built, and it now stands as the country's oldest masonry fort. It has served as a prison at one time and housed Native Americans at another point. The Castillo has been bomb proofed and flown many flags during its history, but it is also popularly lauded as responsible for keeping St. Augustine as a well-fortified city.

The Ximenez-Fatio House

This property has history as a boarding house. It features a separate kitchen space, interactive exhibits and a museum store. 

Things to do

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

The fabled fountain of youth discovered by Ponce de Leon is found on a 15 acre park in this old city. It is partially on the Intracoastal Waterway, so it's a waterfront park. This park has the famed freshwater spring that is supposed to deliver youthful qualities to those who drink its waters.

St. Johns Ocean Pier

Relax by the water at St. Johns Ocean Pier. It only cost $1 to get in and you can find yourself fishing and basking in the sun in no time. If fishing is your passion, a bait and tackle shop and tide charts are available. Opt for shade by kicking it in the shaded pavillion, or access the beach or splash parks for more aquatic fun. If you go during the summer, there's live music to send your visit over the top. The pedestrian ramp offers access to the restaurants and shops should you have a grumbling tummy and  fingers.itching to spend some money.

St. Augustine Wild Reserve

This is not a zoo. It's a haven for wild animals, such as adult African lions, tigers, cougars, peacock foul and other exotic species. You have to schedule an appointment to tour, but it's well worth this extra measure. This wildlife compound occupies 7 acres of land. Email in advance for that exotic foray at


This city is a gateway city and a getaway city. What else would you expect from the oldest European settlement in America? To visit St. Augustine is to launch yourself into ease and comfort and where you may also feast on historical nuggets.