Sanctuary Camelback Mountain

Reasons To Go To Sanctuary Camelback Mountain (Arizona)

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

When mentioning Arizona resorts, Sanctuary Camelback Mountain comes up as a tourist favorite. If you don't know much about this place and are wondering what is so special about it, here are the five reasons to go to Sanctuary Camelback Mountain.

Pay a visit to the tennis courts
Sanctuary Camelback Mountain offers many tennis courts, and some of them have been used by celebrities and famous tennis players as well. The resort includes a tennis lounge, and if you want to play here, you should probably make reservations first. Sanctuary's tennis courts are always full, so it's better to stay on the safe side.

Try desert horseback riding
If you like horse riding, what more can you wish for other than doing this in the desert? Guests at the Sanctuary can engage in this amazing activity and take some cool pictures as well.

Take a Scottsdale day trip
If you think you will be getting bored with spending your entire day at the resort, you should be happy to learn Sanctuary organizes trips into town every day. The excursions are varied and take tourists through the city's main attractions.

Go to McDowell Mountain Regional Park
The park is situated about half an hour away from the resort, and anyone who is in town with family will enjoy exploring and having lunch here. McDowell Mountain Regional Park allows its visitors to hike, go on bike rides and experience the nature.

Opt for a Dolly Steamboat cruise
If you are on a vacation you may as well sit back and relax, and a cruise will definitely help with that. Go on the Steamboat cruise for a chance to see the Canyon Lake for yourself, but also the Mormon Flat Dam. If this cruise is not to your liking, the resort offers many others you may enjoy instead.