Palm Springs, California Top Attractions

  • By Mary A
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  • 01.06.2016

Palm Springs can be described as a place of highs and lows, and this does not refer to the temperature. With uncommon high rotating cars on its aerial tramway, a visual and performing arts theatre with various top-tier offerings throughout the year and a museum that is unarguably a highly sought-after venue, Palm Springs is an endearing city with enduring qualities. It's also a place of ins and outs, with many indoor and outdoor adventures providing arts, culture, family entertainment and more. All of this makes it an excellent venue for a high level of enjoyment for people of all ages and with varied interests.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The time-honored tramway has been open since 1963. It takes about 15 minutes to make a one-way trip. When the cars ascend, they travel 5,873 feet. With this scenic aerial transit system, it's all about the cables. There are steel cables, hauling cables, auxiliary cables as well as a communications cable. Towers also abound, with a total of  five massive steel structures. Many of the tramway's towers operate with counterweights of 67-120 tons. The first tower is a towering 227 feet tall. Each car can carry 80 passengers with one operator as they zip the passengers along at a speed of approximately 21 miles per hour.

Only two other rotating trams are in operation around the globe, including the Table Mountain Tramway in Cape Town, South Africa and the Mt. Titis Tramway in Engelberg, Switzerland. Even so, Palm Springs boast the largest rotating tramcars in the world. With this feature, riders get the greatest eyeful of breath-taking views along the sky-high route. They can behold the San Jacinto Mountains and take in city views and beyond.

The cars exit every half hour from 10:00am on Mondays through Fridays and 8:00am on weekends and holidays. The last car traveling up takes place at 8:00pm and the last car traveling down is at 9:45pm.

Annenberg Theater

Nobody is overlooked and every taste is catered to at the downtown Palm Springs' Annenberg Theater. Elegant and state-of-the art, the 433-seat theater has bragging rights for enviable acoustics that satisfy audiences and please artists in many genres. Comedy, dance, classical, jazz, all types of entertainment is hosted at the venue. Found at the lower plane of the Palm Springs Art Museum, this theater has a robust schedule of performers, many who return yearly for command performances.


Cabot's Pueblo Museum

The Hopi Native Americans made their mark on Palm Springs. So much so that the Cabot's Pueblo Museum was inspired by their influences. The museum features many reclaimed treasures and artifacts of historical significance. The building itself is hand-constructed out of reclaimed and found objects. Four stories high, it spreads over 5,000 Sq Ft, with 35 rooms, 65 doors and 150 windows.

Features that draw attention include the doors, windows, old telephone poles, buck wagon parts and other creatively used materials that homesteader Cabot Yerxa gathered from points ranging from the Salton Sea to White Water.

The museum is an bona fide trading post and features a Native American art gallery. Guided tours are available year-round. Special events are also held there.

Racing and Sports

The exhilaration of racing along a desert track can almost be matched by the thrill of watching the races. The Chuckwalla Valley Raceway boast drivers at various levels of skill. All speeds are fast, rapid and hurried. Putting on the brakes from one's seat has not proven successful, and there are no seat belts in the stands.

There is also the Big League Dreams Sports Park, which brings all types of sports experiences under one space of open sky. Replicas of Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field there feature soccer, sand volleyball and other exciting, fun sports activities.

Aerial Bliss

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz did not have an exclusive right to balloon rides. Magical Adventure Balloon Rides whisk rides away for a chance to catch a piece of sky. With an enviable safety record and a best price guarantee, the balloon rides take the daring up, up, but not away for too long.

For those who wish to remain earthbound, there's also the Palm Springs Air Museum. America  had some legendary bombers, trainers and fighters who braved the airways during World World II. This enduring war was costly and took excessive lives. It goes down in history as the greatest conflict ever fought on the world's soil. One of the largest collections of planes flew during the struggle are housed and available for display at the air museum.

Star Quality

The walk of honor is not just for living personalities. Anyone visiting the Palm Springs Walk of Stars will be able to see the stars of hundreds of celebrities in the downtown area. In fact, some of the iconic famed people are celebrated along the street, including Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.


Palm Springs is one city that could be said to have everything. Tourists of diverse interests will find options of endless delight by visiting the enchanting city and throwing themselves into the local culture, and then partake of various events, activities and attractions for memorable and captivating experiences.