Top 10 Tips On Vacation Personal Safety

Top 10 Tips On Vacation Personal Safety

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

When going on vacation, one of the biggest worries is personal safety, especially if your taking children. We have put together a top ten list of tips for personal safety when on holiday with your family. Most of the tips are just common sense, but sometimes can be overlooked with the excitement of an upcoming vacation.

Tip 1. First and foremost you should make sure you have both travel insurance and medical insurance. Most automatically get travel insurance when booking their holiday, but medical insurance can sometimes get forgotten. Having medical insurance that covers you in the country your vacationing in gives you peace of mind, and if anything does happen you won't be out of pocket.

Tip 2. For those going on a trip via sea, like a cruise, be sure to take some sea sickness tablets along. Even veteran sea travelers can get sea sick when the sea is rough like in a thunderstorm. Some get sea sick with only a small rocking sensation so be prepared.

Tip 3. Another good tip for traveling by sea is wear the correct clothing. Many trips, and falls are caused by the rocking of the ship, be sure to wear a good pair of non slip footwear, especially if your going to be drinking. Take extra care when climbing, or descending stairs on board large ships.

Tip 4. When on the beach be sure to check with the lifeguard, or locals about rip tides. Rip tides are strong undercurrents that can be worse at certain times of the year or day, these can pull you under without you even realizing what's happening. Locals can usually tell you when it's safe to enter the water.

Tip 5. Always check out species of marine life before swimming in foreign lands. This can be very important as some tropical regions have extremely poisonous jelly fish, and other dangerous species, so just be safe and check first. If, there are species that worry you sometimes there are secluded fenced off sections of beach.

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