Lone Fir Resort

Five reasons to go to Lone Fir Resort (Cougar, Washington)

  • By Sarah A
  • Resorts
  • 01.08.2016

There are many things to do and see in a resort sitting between 2 mountains. Below, you can find out just five reasons to go to Lone Fir Resort, a place found between 2 peaks.

Go camping
The Lone Fir Resort has a big park designed for those who want to go camping and take their RV vehicles to do so. The RV park is conveniently connected to sewer, electricity and water. There are 34 such spots. If you prefer sleeping in a tent, there are 4 such spots available as well. 

Come here no matter the season
There are people who love winter sports and want to enjoy them in a calm environment. This resort is conveniently located for cross country skiing and snowshoeing activities. Usually the equipment can be rented on site. The same skiing trails can be used in the warm months for hiking.

Enjoy the river
LEwis River flows near the resort and there are plenty of activities to enjoy there as well. Previous guests seem to love boating and fishing. During the summer you might be able to also swim in the river if the water doesn’t gross you out.

Explore a cave
Not all resorts offer the opportunity to explore a cave, but you can do just that if you book your vacation here. Here you can find the Ape Caves and they represent a must stop to explore for those who like adventures. One of the main attractions are the lava formations within.

Bring your pet
If you feel bad about leaving your dog behind when going on a trip, this can change if you choose to stay at this resort. There are a few rules to follow, such as reporting your dog, to keep it on a leash at all times, and for your companion to be house broken. These are common sense rules, and following them is easier than leaving your pet with some strangers.