Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

Five reasons to visit Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

If you are looking for the perfect vacation spot, look no further. Here are the five reasons to visit Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls.

Attend a festival
Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is the host for various cool festivals all throughout the year. If you visit in spring, go to the annual Photography Competition and show what an amazing artist you are. The Annual Winter Hike takes place in January, while Lilyfest happens in July. You will get the chance to enjoy an event no matter when you visit.

Get a massage
The resort is all about its Spa services, so you should not end your trip without a massage. The therapists can help you forget about any daily worries you might have. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and let yourself be pampered with a body mud wrap, a skin treatment or a manicure. Guests also receive special treatment which includes a cup of tea and snacks.

Get married
Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls provides a unique setting that any couple will love for their ceremony. The resort offers small and intimate weddings that will forever remain in your memory. Rehearsal dinners are also available, as well as any other event you may have in mind.

Restaurant and dining
The Kindred Spirits Restaurant takes pride in preparing meals that will satisfy any requirements. The dishes are prepared with seasonal ingredients, and you may want to arrive early so you can have a glass of wine before your meal. The restaurant takes reservations, and is open until late at night.

Take a cooking class
Develop a new skill while on holiday by taking a cooking class. Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls offer classes for $55, and these take place in July and December. The cooking classes start at 2 pm and last for 3 hours.