Get The Best Deals At  Frontier Airlines

How To Get The Best Deals At Frontier Airlines

  • By Mary A
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.06.2016

Frontier airlines is one of the best low cost carrier in United States with its impressive Airbus (and more) fleet and its reputation to be one of the most affordable, accommodating, flexible and comfortable airlines. When you fly with Frontier Airlines you can be assured that you are getting one of the best deals available in any case. But if you are someone who settles for nothing but the ‘THE’ best deal from Frontier Airlines, here are a few tips for you which help you to get the best deals from Frontier Airlines.

Firstly, we need to understand the fact that the cheapest deal is not necessarily the best deal you can get. There are several other factors like comfort, flexibility, seating, and in-flight services which need to be taken into consideration too when you go looking for the best deal. Then we go on to the most obvious tip-Sale. Though, you won’t find too many sales from Frontier as most of their flights are always full, they have the Southwest and Click ‘N Save Deals which are always a good buy. But the few rare occasions when they do have sales, they offer a lot. One example is an offer where they offered one-way flight tickets at a basic price as low as $29. Also, if you find any other airlines with sales on a particular route there are good chances that Frontier Airlines will also slash their rates to be competitive on those particular routes. So, it’s always wise to keep checking their website for discounts and sales.

One of the most important factors when looking for best deals from Frontier Airlines is the day on which you are looking for a flight. Days like Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are considered to be the cheapest days to fly with Wednesday being the cheapest for most airlines including Frontier Airlines. Most of the sales from Frontier Airlines are restricted to these days and even without these sales, these days are often the cheapest. Using a Flexible Airfare Calendar Search is always advisable as it lets you plan your journey easily with the cheapest days to fly.

The timing of when you buy the ticket is also important. For quite some time now, Tuesday at 3 PM has been known to be the cheapest time to buy air tickets and get the best deals. Also, make sure that you take your decisions fast as sale tickets are often gone in a matter of minutes so make sure you grab a good deal the moment you spot it. Following Frontier on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be quite beneficial as they post their best offers online one these sites which make it even easier for you to get the best deal from Frontier Airlines.