Check Flight Status At Frontier  Airlines

How To Check Flight Status At Frontier Airlines

  • By Mary A
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.06.2016

What makes Frontier Airlines one of the best ways to travel by air is the fact that they make sure that there customers face no problems whatsoever at any stage of your journey which begins the moment you buy a ticket from Frontier or Frontier Express. This includes several online tools which give you access to all kinds of info you might need for your journey. You can see schedules of different flights and plan your journey using the flexible calendar, track your flight using their flight tracker tool which allows you to track flights live, check in using the online check in option, see what you are required to do once you reach the airport, find out about in flight services and find unbelievable offers and sales. But here we talk about the ease and convenience with which you can track your flight using he online flight tracker tool which lets you track the live progress of your flight right from the comfort of your drawing room.

This tool lets you track the status of your flight in two ridiculously easy ways without any hassle whatsoever. These ways are -

Using Airport Names

This way simply requires you to enter the names of the arrival and the departure airport. The moment you enter the name of these two airports you get a list of flights that match the pair of airports you entered. To eliminate any confusion about the date, it has three options, namely yesterday, today and tomorrow for the flight which make sure that you are shown a complete list of flights as per the choice you made. Once you get the list of flights, simply select the one that you’ll be traveling on and you will get all the info you need. This info includes the time of the flight, any rare delays and even the gate no. which makes it really very convenient for you to plan your journey as per the flight status.

Using Flight Number

In case you are no exactly aware of the airport or just want to cross check the details for someone, you can also track down your flight by simply entering the flight no. this again involves making a selection of the day of the flight from yesterday, today and tomorrow. This method gives you the option to look for multiple flights at the same time as you have the option to enter two flight nos. at the same time to give you the details of both the flights simultaneously.