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How To Get The Lowest Rates On The High Quality Vacation Packages – 10 Tips

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

When it comes to saving and getting the best deals for high quality vacation packages there are a few things you can try. Here we have listed 10 tips on how to lower the cost of your vacation package. Not all of these will work every time as it can depend on different situations.

Number 1. First thing to remember when booking hotels is that more often than not you can bargain with them. This may sound surprising, but just by asking if they can provide a lower price they will then tell you about discounts, especially if the hotel has plenty of vacant rooms. However, if you must be certain to ask for these, as most hotels will not volunteer this information to their customers up front.

Number 2. You can often save money by booking full packages, meaning if you book with a company that will sell you the flight, hotel, car rental, and parking you can often get some things free like the parking, or even the car rental discounted price. This can work well in some cases, but not always, therefore it pays to check against other agencies in advance to ensure that your locking in the best rate for your current travel destination.

Number 3. Most often you can make some big savings by booking online. With so many companies in competition with one another it's a buyers market. Many sites will have certain discounts for using them or promotions, this can take some time unless you use a site that compares pricing across the board. In addition, it is possible at certain websites to be able to have them notify you if a price is going to be reduced, and to automatically book it for you based upon your selection when you join up. However, not all websites are offering this, so look out for it when doing your shopping comparisons.

Number 4. If, you can be flexible with your vacation time by booking off season can save big. Even just booking a few weeks before, or after peak season can save as much as 40%. It can really create huge savings just be being a little flexible.

Number 5. Last minute specials are something to consider if you can be flexible with you vacations. This works especially well with flights, and sometimes cruises where the airline or ships are trying to fill empty cabins or seats, so they will offer large discounts.

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