High Quality Vacation Packages

How To Get The Lowest Rates On The High Quality Vacation Packages - Part 2

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

Number 6. Private sale sites can be another way to save a lot of money. These specialty sites can offer huge discounts, and exclusive deals but you have to be a member. These are worth it, but offers are snatched up quickly.

Number 7. Avoiding the big hotel chains. If, your wanting to enjoy your vacation, and only really need your hotel for sleep you can save big by looking at bed and breakfast accommodation. Smaller individual hotels can be much cheaper than the bigger ones, hostels are another option.

Number 8. Use coupons and promotional codes. It doesn't matter whether you search online, or read a paper there are always coupons and promo codes, make sure you check the coupons instead of throwing them in the bin. Some coupons offer up to 50% discount so be sure to check.

Number 9. Use travel points and air miles and so forth. Many people build up air miles, but many also have a points reward system on their credit cards too. Furthermore, it's easy to forget how much they have built up, so check that too as you may surprise yourself.

Number 10. Hidden discounts are those things you wouldn't normally think of. Being a member of certain groups can give travel discounts, like AARP or AAA, also professional groups like the American Medical Association will often get you discounts. If, your a member of a particular group just do a search online for discounts, and codes related to your membership.

We hope this list helps you with future discounts on your vacation packages. They don't always work, but if you don't ask you'll never know. And don't forget to check your credit cards for extra discounts.