Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach

Five reasons to visit Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

America’s Pacific coast is gorgeous and definitely worth a trip. If you need a place to stay, these are the five reasons to visit Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach.

Go to the Spa
If you are in need of a truly relaxing experience, schedule a relaxing massage at the Spa. The therapists here use the five natural elements to sooth your body and soul. The Himalayan salt lamps provide a calming atmosphere, and the air purifiers will help you breathe easier. The Spa is the best place for a romantic couple massage, a body wrap or a rejuvenating facial.

Events and parties
Maybe you haven't found the right place for your next event yet, so check out the options that Hallmark Resort offers. The hotel provides large conference rooms and professional equipment for business meetings. if you want to host your anniversary party or bridal shower, you can ask the event planners at the hotel to help you out.

Shipping trips
Hallmark Resort includes a few stores of its own, and many more can be found near by. If you forgot your favorite outfit at home or don't know what to wear on a date, check out the shopping centers in Cannon Beach. The malls are packed with designer and high end brands, as well as affordable options for any budget.

Rent a bike
Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach offers free bikes all summer long. You can rent one for free and go explore the surroundings, pass by the beach and keep in shape at the same time.

Attend a festival
In order not to get bored during your holiday, consider attending a festival. Stormy Weather Arts Festival is a good choice for any visitors who loves creativity and art. The event takes place in September, and tourists all over the world are joining every year.