GrandView On The Lake

Five reasons to go to GrandView On The Lake (Chelan, Washington)

  • By Sarah A
  • Resorts
  • 01.08.2016

Do you want to visit Chelan in Washington but you have no idea of where you could spend the night? These next five reasons to go to GrandView On The Lake might have the answer for you!

Great views from your room
If you like open spaces or a combination of hills and water, you can see them both when booking a room at the GrandView On The Lake. Obviously, the name of this hotel was wisely chosen and it truly represents it.

Have fun in the water
You can take advantage of the lake or the pool, based on your preferences. The hotel owns a stretch of 700 feet of beach and a nice looking pool. Both are located on the front of the hotel. The pool stands out with its small waterslide and unique design. The lake swimming area has a dock as well.

Can see a bit of history
The hotel itself has a short history, so if you want more than that you have to go downtown Chelon. Luckily for you, reaching it is very easy as the hotel is located near it. There are plenty of things to check out if you go to town, so you better discover those on your own.

This is your chance to tour a vineyard
There are a dozen wineries in the area and all of them offer wine tasting to those paying them a visit. Hopefully you will like the wine enough to buy it, so don’t miss on this opportunity. 

If you want to improve your golfing skills
Just like the wineries, the area is rich in golf courses. You will clearly have to book your tee time, but most likely you won’t have to bring your own golf club. While most of them have 18 holes, you can choose to play just 9 also.