Golden Lake Recreation Area and Resort

Five reasons to visit Golden Lake Recreation Area and Resort

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

If you are considering a vacation any time soon, here are the five reasons to visit Golden Lake Recreation Area and Resort. This cozy hotel will help you feel relaxed on your holiday, so that you can go back howme ith a fresh mindset.

Go on a hiking adventure
If you enjoy hiking, Golden Lake Recreation Area offers several trails for your entire family. If you are a beginner, you may like seeing the beautiful scenery and take pictures. Visitors who practice hiking on a constant basis will find the trails engaging but easy. Along with that, guests can also rent bikes for an hour or more.

Go fishing
Golden Lake Recreation Area is situated nearby a small lake where many different species of fish live. Here you can rent nets and purchase bait, and then go fishing for a day. You may be lucky to catch a trophy fish, or simply have some fun and enjoy your favorite sport.

The playground
If you have your kids with you, take them to the playground while you relax and explore the area. The hotel also offers a recreational area where you can play your favorite sports.

Boating options
The resort is located by the lake, this giving you the chance to rent a boat and go fishing or swim for a while. Tourists who have their own boats can bring them at anytime.

Visit the region
You will find many things to do at Golden Lake Recreation Area, and one of these is exploring the area. The beautiful surroundings and lake can make for some great moments and pictures.

The resort's facilities
The hotel offers a wide variety of facilities for its guests to enjoy. The rooms are spacious, and also include electricity and hot water. If you have pets you should know that the resort is pet friendly.