Top Things to Do and Top Things to See in Ft.Lauderdale

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

This is the gold coast, a place of splash-worthy beaches, cultural variety and more. This is Ft. Lauderdale. If aquatic fun is at a premium anywhere, it is this year-round warm city. Scuba diving and other daring water attractions are there and the Gulf Stream artery flows there. What's not to like about Ft. Lauderdale?

Things to See

African American Research Library and Cultural Center

No other American facility has more books written by African Americans and books written by blacks than this venue. Idea and value exchange is possible here. Exhibits and an auditorium provide a chance to become immersed in the culture and appreciate the contributions from those of African descent.

Seminole Okalee Indian Village

Never have they put their pen to a peace treaty in America. Not once have they been conquered. You can taste their way of life at 5716 Seminole Way, where villagers cook, live, craft wood work, make dolls, etc.

Christway Baptist Church

Located at 500 Douglas Road, this church serves as a Family Life Center, because it's so much more than a church.

Things to Do

Scuba Diving

Beach diving fun, aquatic immersion. The waters hover at 80 degrees throughout the year. There's no other place in the country where you can go diving and snorkeling into a coral reef directly from the beach. After diving in and swimming for five minutes, you will find yourself surrounded by the company of astounding water creatures and wrecked ships. One wrecked ship doubles as a state archaeological site and underwater museum. You also have the option to shoot videos or photos.

Beaches and Blue Sky

The cove-like beach known as Deerfield Beach is a great place to catch the sunrise and throw off your shoes to better feel the squishy sand beneath your feet. This beach has been received the Blue Wave Beach certification for many years running. Build sandcastles, play beach volleyball and more. This is an ideal beach playground for families, lovers and everything in between.

So Like Venice

So, you don't yet have your passport to get to Venice? Winding waterways at New River and Millionaire Row are intercoastal and will give you the Venice experience. Huge homes and yachts will catch your eye, but you can also jet ski, scuba dive, go parasailing and more.


The influence of the Seminole Indians, and the vibrant African American culture are thick in Ft. Lauderdale. Gaming, fun in the sun and on the beaches, a nightlife to get the adrenalin pumping, this awaits in this sunny city. Such diverse experiences await in Ft. Lauderdale.