Durango, Colorado

Top Things to Do and Top Things to See Durango, Colorado

  • By Mary A
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  • 01.06.2016

A downtown district of high acclaim, a heritage that captured historical moments and froze them in time, along with bounteous landmarks and geographic features – this is the splendor of Durango, Colorado. Mountains, valleys, cliffs, forests, peppered paths and canyons makes this city a gem of a tourist spot. There's so much that enable visitors to get swept away and carried across the years and miles of Durango. Following are some top venues, attractions and things to do.


There are few things that will take a person out of the city vibe and urban scene more than a forest. In Durango, the San Juan National Forest invites visitors into the wilderness where mountains, break-taking roads and landmarks abound.


Horseback Riding Stables in Durango are made all the more glorious because of the abundance of places to romp and ride.

There is the Rapp Corral, which offers horseback riding in the Southwest Colorado Mountains. To be more specific, it operates in the San Juan Mountains. During the gallop or canter through the route, riders behold and inhale abundant aspen groves and conifers in abundance. It's also teeming with animal life, to the point where visitors have long realized that it's common for various wildlife species to utilize the same space; after all it's their habitat.

The corral abuts the gorgeous Haviland Lake, which is a jewel all by itself.

Beginning and experienced riders will find this escapade experience memorable and captivatingly unique. During the winter this venue transforms into a winter sleigh adventure experience.

Railroad and Museum

Steam-powered locomotives are not just a thing of the past. At the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum, visitors can roll along the tracks that miners, cowboys and other historical citizens used to eke out their existence or enjoy the early settler's experience. The locomotive is coal-fired, the way locomotives once were.

As the train fires across the miles of track, viewers catch glimpses of many scenes not viewable by roadway. As the train chugs along the Animas River and volleys between Durango and Silverton, the trees, hills and other landmasses along the adjacent route provide an unequaled wilderness experience and many picture-taking opportunities for those with swift fingers and flexible wrists.

Supper Show

Dinner and a show do not have to be two separate events. The Bar D Chuckwagon Supper Show offers travelers a chance to take a gander at the Famed Old West Music and Comedy Stage Show while feasting on sumptuous fare. The famed western stage entertainment has been a continuous feature since 1969, and has gained affirmative acclaim from reviewers and supper show customers alike.

Entertainment is appropriate for the entire family, and the famous cowboy-themed songs and western style music offered there can be purchased on CD or DVD. With a fiddler, guitarists, a bass player and the players' vocal variety, the Bar D Wranglers are a rousing fixture in the Durango entertainment scene. Regular ticket holders can enjoy moist slices of roast beef or simmered chicken. Diners can opt for a combo which includes both or a Rib Eye steak can be purchased for an upgrade. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are served or permitted.

The servers are able to move a large number of diners through the line pretty rapidly. Still, it's a good idea to arrive early, because the serving line can build pretty fast.

Downtown in Durango

Various points of interest in downtown Durango make for an engaging destination and experience. With copious quantities of historical buildings that still bear their original pioneer-style elements, the historic downtown Durango ushers in charm and the nostalgia of days gone by.

Going downtown in Durango is unlike going downtown anywhere else.

The Colorado Trail

Bikers and hikers are in for a treat at the trail segments in Durango. Encompassing about 500 miles, The Colorado Trail path is replete with various elevations and environments that equip the traveler with options for a maximum trail escapade.

A foundation has long ago deemed the trail worth sustaining. They were formed to care for the trail, preserving it as a quality venue and adding improvements along the way. Some of those on the maintenance crew helped build the dramatic trail and bonded their hearts to it in such a way that its well being and conservation are of tantamount importance to them.

Those who need numbers and word pictures in order to grasp ideas should consider this: The Colorado Trail consumes about 500 miles of peaks, lakes, creeks and ecosystems of many varieties.


To enter Durango is to depart from the normal and to take a stroll along the avenues of the past to a time when life was simpler and demands were more streamlined. Capturing a slice of this rural life may be just the getaway that the harried masses need in order to revive, rejuvenate and recoup those things that a busy city life may take away.