Top 10 Destinations For Families

Top 10 Destinations For Families

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

When trying to locate vacation destinations for families there are thousands to choose from making it a little difficult to decide. What we have done is compile a top ten list of family destinations, which most families will find very appealing. All destinations listed here accommodate children, and have a variety of activities to keep them busy every day.

Number 1. San Diego has got to be one of the most visited vacation spots for families. The climate is perfect all year round, so your not tied to specific seasons, and this destination has a variety of activities for all the family to enjoy. The zoo has thousands of animals including six giant pandas in over 100 acres, and Sea world is where the kids can get close to a variety of sea creatures including killer whales. Additionally, there is also Legoland with over 50 rides and attractions.

Number 2. Orlando Florida is a kids dream come true, Disneyland, Sea world, and other parks are open all year round. A family could spend a whole week just in Disney world alone due to it's huge size and the amount of things to do. With two water parks and four giant theme parks. Other places to visit are the upside down building, and the Kennedy space center where you can see the shuttle and gator land.

Number 3. Yellowstone National Park is a great place for families. Kids can complete fun activities, and earn a junior ranger patch if they are between 5 and 12yrs old. You can learn how geysers work, and also about the natural wildlife around the area. Furthermore, you can view bears, wolves, elk, and buffalo, and there is even a camping area, hiking, fishing. Finally, you can't forget 'old Geyser' which is the main draw for many.

Number 4. Hershey PA could not be missed out from our list as kids love chocolate. You can get an interactive tour around the chocolate factory, which explains in detail how chocolate is made, and you'll even get a free sample at the end. Hershey park is a theme park with more than 60 rides, and also has a zoo, museum and botanical gardens.

Number 5. Atlantis, Bahamas is one of those wonderful places that the whole family will enjoy. There are casinos, for when the kids are in bed, and the water park has two giant water slides and eleven pools. They also have a natural habitat built in one of the lagoons where you can see sting-rays, piranhas, sharks and many more.

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