Destinations For Couples

Top 10 Destinations For Couples

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

Most couples that are looking for vacation ideas usually want a nice romantic holiday. It can be difficult to choose between the thousands of destinations, so hopefully we can help to narrow it down for you. Here is our top ten list of destinations for couples.

Number 1. Mauritius is one of the most popular destinations for couples due to it's magnificent beaches and seclusion. It is often referred to as 'the island for two' and is popular with honeymooners, as well as a favorite wedding destination. Situated within a huge coral reef it is very exotic with natural beauty you only see on a postcard.

Number 2. Australia is one of those once in a lifetime trips, once you've been you'll never forget it, and more than likely won't want to visit anywhere else again. There is so much to do in this vast country and you can cram as much, or as little as you want in two weeks. Places to visit with your partner would be Ayres Rock, the Great Barrier Reef with it's tropical fish and Sydney.

Number 3. Bangkok in Thailand is a great choice for couples, if you stay away from the night club scene. There are many secluded beaches here with amazing sunsets, and you can spend some time on one of the many islands off the mainland, one to visit would be Koh Samui. You can also get some great deals on hotels in Bangkok too, so you can take your loved one for an extra special meal with the money you saved.

Number 4. The Gambia is a real adventure for couples, especially if your on a budget. You can get to go on wildlife excursions to see the wildlife in it's natural habitat. Plentiful beaches, and a range of hotels which will fit your budget, and the locals are extremely friendly towards tourists. It is also only a six hour flight away from London.

Number 5. Italy is another country for couples looking for a romantic holiday. With Venice, and it's romantic gondolas to Florence with it's art and treasures it's an architectural wonder. You can visit Milan for those couples that like to shop for the latest clothing, or you can choose to visit the lakes of Garda and Como.

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