Destinations For Couples

Top 10 Destinations For Couples - Part 2

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

Number 6. Iceland may not be a first choice amongst couples, but once you realize what's in store you may just change your mind. You may see the graceful movement of whales breaking the surface of water, and huge glaciers and spectacular water falls, it makes you feel like your in a different world. There is also lava flows, volcanic craters, geysers and hot springs, the crisp air just gives you another excuse to cuddle up.

Number 7. The local magazine in Bermuda actually voted Elbow Beach as the 'best place to fall in love'. It's difficult to put into words how beautiful and exotic this place really is, you have to see it for yourself and your partner. It's hard to believe that water can look so blue and green yet be so clear you can see the sandy bottom. Places to visit would be Somerset Long Bay and Astwood Cove.

Number 8. You can't consider a romantic vacation without at least considering Hawaii, they really know how to show a couple a good time. The Kohala Coast of Big Island has a Lava Love getaway package where for three, or more nights you get to stay in a ocean front deluxe suite and will enjoy a private lave rock sauna. You will also get to enjoy spa treatments and sunrise exercise on the beach front.

Number 9. Lovers Key in Florida is extremely popular yet you will still find secluded beaches where you can get away from the main flow of things. At the Lovers Key State Park you can rent double canoes, or kayak to enjoy paddling among manatees. Another tip for those romantic couples, most of the beaches are empty in the evenings.

Number 10. Georgia, Cumberland Island was actually a hidden secret destination until 1996 when John F. Kennedy got married here. It is world known for it's privacy and seclusion, it is an extremely beautiful vacation spot. There are more than 15 miles of white sandy beaches, so there are no crowded beaches here, there are also wild horses to see running free.

We hope this top ten list has given you some great ideas for your upcoming vacation with your partner. With so many destinations this pick of the crop should narrow it down for you. Whichever destination you choose it will be even more enjoyable with the one you love.