Destinations For Adventure Lovers

Top 10 Destinations For Adventure Lovers

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

For adventure lovers, choosing a destination probably isn't that hard, yet there are still many places you may not have considered. We have put together a top ten destinations list for the adventure seeker. Have a look through, and see if you really have done it all yet, you may be surprised.

Number 1. Ely in Minnesota probably one of the best locations for those who love water. With over 5,000 lakes, rivers, and streams you can canoe, or fish in peace and tranquility. There are also hiking, and biking trails and in the winter you can ice fish on one of the frozen lakes. With only a population of a few thousand, locals are friendly and you only have to ask for help.

Number 2. Durango is in Colorado and is great for adventure lovers. With an altitude of over 6,000ft you can get into the skiing, hiking, or climbing, and really get in the zone. There is also kayaking, and canoeing available here and even rafting through the canyons is quite exhilarating.

Number 3. Norway is old viking country, and is full of adventure with coastline, fjords and mountains. Being close to the arctic the number one sports here are snow sports with cross country skiing or downhill skiing, there is also ice climbing, dog sledding, and snowmobiling. In the summer you can opt for mountaineering, fishing, hiking, sailing, and much more.

Number 4. Madagascar is a top destination for thousands of adventure lovers due to it's mountainous region as well as rain forests and beaches. There is so much to do here you would probably want to return on future trips, activities include climbing, trekking, hand-gliding, spelunking and camping, the list is endless. Also with coral reefs to explore there is wildlife here that you will see no where else.

Number 5. Switzerland is a sports fanatics heaven, particularly snow sports and is open all year round. Things to do here is skiing, ice climbing, tobogganing, snowshoeing, air boarding, dog sledding and many more. In the summer months you can enjoy fishing, rafting, climbing, cliff diving and even panning for gold, now that's a way to pay for your next vacation.

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