Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort

Five reasons to go to Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort (Carson, Washington)

  • By Sarah A
  • Resorts
  • 01.08.2016

Do you want to know five reasons to go to Carson Hot Springs Golf & Spa Resort? Then you came to the right place, so read on!

Play some golf
Like most fancy resorts, the Carson Resort also has a golf course with 18 holes, but you can book a tee time for 9 holes as well. You should know that he course has been recently rebuilt, so if you’ve been there before you might not recognize it.

Hiking and biking
Hiking and biking are the best activities to try out if you want to enjoy Mother Nature to its fullest. There are trails with all sorts of difficulty levels and each of them offers great views waiting to be photographed. Make sure to wear long sleeves and long pants to avoid contact with Poison Oak.

Visit a museum
Did you think there is nothing to be learned during your holiday? You were wrong, as a museum visit can help you discover stuff you didn’t know about. There are several history museums around the resort, and each of them has a theme. There is an art museum as well if history is not to your liking.

Go to a winery
Learning more about how wine is made is something unique and gives a person a different appreciation of the process and the product itself.  All the wineries in the area allow their visitors to also sample their wines and making a purchase directly from the producer is highly encouraged.

Enjoying the hot springs

What’s unique about this experience is the bathhouse itself: it was build in 1930’s and its design didn’t change much since then. The tubs are the clawfoot type and almost everything else is and looks vintage. There are many treatments available however people with allergies, various infections, and even pregnant women are advised to announce these problems before hand. The staff will be able to better recommend a treatment for them.