Before Booking A Hotel

What Questions To Ask Before Booking A Hotel - Part 2

  • By Mary A
  • Resorts
  • 01.06.2016

Question 6. Ask about pets if you plan on taking one along. Although many hotels are allowing pets now, they can charge exorbitant fees for things like cleaning and deposits. You may also want to ask about the limitations on the pet in question. Also take relevant paperwork like vaccination for the pet.

Question 7. Ask about meals that are included in the price. This can make, or break a family budget. In addition, many hotels offer a "continental breakfast" and this could mean anything from two waffles to a full hearty breakfast.

Question 8. Ask about free parking. Don't assume this is free, ask, as those that aren't free can be extortionate. Furthermore, some free parking can include a daily newspaper, free wi-fi and more, those that aren't could set you back up to $20 per day.

Question 9. Ask about disability access and parking. If, you are disabled, or in a wheelchair there is nothing worse than going on vacation only to find there are no ramps for wheelchair access. Disabled parking should always be available close to your hotel but never assume, it's always best to ask first.

Question 10. Be sure to ask what time rooms need to be vacated. Some hotels want rooms vacated from as early as 7A.M. while others give you until midday. Be sure to ask as many hotels will charge you an extra day if, you take too long to vacate.

By asking some, or all of these questions before booking a hotel you may just save yourself some money. You may also get a more enjoyable experience along the way. Finally, by using the questions here to ask them ahead of time, it can surely save you a nasty surprise later.