Alta Crystal Resort at Mount Rainier

Five reasons to go to Alta Crystal Resort at Mount Rainier (Crystal Mountain, Washington)

  • By Sarah A
  • Resorts
  • 01.08.2016

These five reasons to go to Alta Crystal Resort at Mount Rainier should be enough to convince anyone to spent their vacation or weekend getaway here, so check them out!

Come here at any time of the year
This resort welcomes guests throughout the year, and those that do go, can be sure they will find something to do no matter the temperature outside. Snowshoeing is one of winter’s favorite activities, while summer attracts lots of hikers. 

You can visit a cave
Exploring caves is something everyone of all ages might enjoy, should they not be claustrophobic. One can either drive or hike to the Boulder Cave, however the staff at the resort recommend doing so in the evening as the night views at night are quite amazing.

Go swimming
This is one of the activities you can enjoy no matter the season as the pool is heated at all times. Swimming is also a great sport for those who care about their fitness level. Those who have a walking difficulty might be more willing to give this pastime a try.

Come with your dog
If you had a hard time finding hotels or resorts that accept your friend in the same room with you, it’s time you called the people at Alta Crystal Resort. You need to book in advance and let the staff know you will be bringing your dog along, but at least you will be together during your vacation.

Various activities during the evening
Most activities take place on the weekend and some of them involve the participation of all the guests. These group happening can be anything from karaoke, to a bonfire with s’mores, to watching a movie. Better check the calendar of events or ask before booking if you prefer one over the other, as not all of them take place the same night.